Amapiano Rapper Focalistic Unharmed In A Car Accident

Amapiano rapper Focalistic involved in a car accident.

Amapiano artist Focalistic had Mzansi perturbed when he announced that he was involved in a car accident on social media. Thankfully, the rapper escaped the crash unharmed.

He took to Twitter to share that he waited for assistance from the police for 2 hours. Focalistic also told his followers that shortly after the accident, he went on to perform at an event where he saw five police vans shooting rubber bullets at people.

He told one of his fans that “God is good” when the fan asked how he was doing. Focalistic did not provide much detail about his accident but assured the people of Mzansi that he was doing okay.

Mzansi social media users gave their thoughts on the matter, with each having different comments on Focalistic’s situation with the police:

@Martin_TheGeek said: “Police works in units mate, each unit for specific kind of crimes or offense. Sometimes the unit that needs to attend to your needs may not be available for various reasons.”

@sthebeworldwide commented: “We have to normalize not putting our hopes on police in RSA. Because doing so only leads to disappointment.”

@TheDrumTeam commented: “Our cops are so quick to shoot people who wanna have fun and are so slow to help those in need.”

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