Kelly Khumalo Bash Crown Gospel Music Awards After No Award For Her

Kelly Khumalo has lashed out at the Crown Gospel Awards

Kelly Khumalo has slammed the Crown Gospel Awards after she lost out in the category that she was nominated in.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Khumalo slammed the event for giving the Best Gospel Song Award to Canaan Nyathi instead of her.

The aggrieved singer also demanded to know if her fans voted for her, asking:

“Bomakhelwane nivotile noma? (Neighbours, did you vote for me or?)”

Canaan Nyathi walked away with the prestigious award for his song ‘Baba Ziveze’ and Khumalo felt that he was not deserving.

She acknowledged that she looked like a “sore loser” but did not care. Taking to Twitter she posted:

“Esphambanweni Vs Baba Ziveze? Someone please balance me? I would have been okay with Jehova uzoyigcina impilo yami or Bawo Yiba nathi bazalwane musani ukuganga ngathi.”

Social media users weighed in on her tantrum with mixed reactions.

Twitter user Mathobelasbonga said: “I don’t even know loyo Baba Ziveze wakhona ai.”

NamudiMakola said: “Baba Ziveze is a beautiful song. But truth be told it can’t be compared to Esiphambanweni. Those awards must just be cancelled. We’ve been complaining for years now.”

malumskhulu said: “Canaan Nyathi – Baba Ziveze is a jam sesi. Ask your fans ukuthi why didn’t they vote.”

Wendymak7 said: “Brown envelopes Kelly, I saw that too. Mncimm.kanjani nje!”


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