Master KG And Makhadzi’s Relationship Leaves Mzansi Guessing

Master KG and Makhadzi have a relationship

Master KG and Makhadzi dated for a brief period of time and then reportedly broke up.

The couple never really explained the cause of their separation or the state of their current relationship. However, a recent interaction between the pair left Mzansi scratching their heads.

While responding to a Twitter post from Master KG, Makhadzi referred to Master KG as her son-in-law. This may be an inside joke between the pair, but it certainly left Mzansi confused.

Makhadzi was congratulating Master KG for bagging yet another award and said:

“Congratulations mukwasha”

Mzansi social media users flooded the comments section demanding a translation and explanation of the word. Twitter user Neilwejoy said:

“Mukwasha keng?” (what is Mukwasha)

To which Ori_Debig_Beats responded: “Son-in-law”

Dibzo2 said: “Y’all crazy the true meaning of mukwasha in venda is the person who broke the virginity. it was in-law in the olden days because they were still virgins before marriage”

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effort_maguta said: “Mukwasha??? You are giving him your daughter”

Pfano02 said: “We are minding our own business from now on.”

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