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Gee Six Five Charts Tops With Her Song Titled “Obani Lababantu”

'Gee Six Five', Obani Lababantu song is a mixture of the hugely popular music genres, amapiano and kwaito.

Social media is abuzz with a new hit single courtesy of a 65-year-old woman who goes by the name of ‘Gee Six Five‘.

In the video, she is speaking isiZulu but she says that she is about to drop a sizzling single and she really thinks that South Africans are going to enjoy it.

She was not wrong as thousands of South Africans shared her song on social media.

Here’s what a few Mzansi social media users had to say about Gee Six Five when replying to her niece:

@YoliHeaven_Sent said: “Your aunt’s song is living rent free in my head. I can’t help but see all my message notifications and sing “Obani lababantu”Weary faceLoudly crying face

@_nhlax2 said: “I know your Aunt from the Catholic Church circles in the Dundee Diocese. It’s good to see her living her best life and congratulations to her on her achievements.”

@Gugulove20 replied: “We need more people like her. People like her help us get over the anxiety to wanting to have everything figured by 25. People like her make me know and believe that all my talents will be realised. As long as I breathe there’s hope to achieve.”

Her single, ‘Obani Lababantu’ – which is sung in isiZulu, has gone viral and is even topping the iTunes music charts. Thousands of South Africans have streamed and shared the song to date.

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According to ‘Gee Six Five’, the song is a mixture of the hugely popular music genres, amapiano and kwaito.

Watch and listen to the hit song below:

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