#RIPMshoza: Inside Story On How Mshoza Transformed Over The Years

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Mzansi is mourning the loss of Kwaito star Mshoza

Mshoza is being mourned by Mzansi after it was announced that the star has passed away. The Kwaito singer had a life in the public eye, which always comes with its fair share of scrutiny.

Mshoza’s critics usually lambasted her for the multiple adjustments and changes she made to her body through plastic surgery. The star went under the knife and was working towards a look that she wanted to portray.

The singer had many procedures over the years, with some being more controversial than others. Her skin-lightening got her a lot of negative attention and many online users were worried that societal expectations had caused her to become addicted to aesthetic surgeries.

Mshoza also reportedly racked up a large bill with all the adjustments she made, with IOL.com reporting that she’d paid a total of more than half a million for her body at one stage.

Mzansi also expressed worry at one point when it seemed like the star would never feel complete or finished with the procedures.

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One fan tweeted: @floletoaba: Doctors who keep operating on Mshoza are cruel, you should tell your clients when to stop. Plastic surgery is as addictive as drugs.

Mshoza had a famous lip-filling procedure that left fans stunned. She had bottom implants to look more like her idol, Nicki Minaj. She also got breast implants, skin lightening, lip-filling and cheek fillers.

She was quoted as saying, “I want to be perfect” and hopefully her perfect soul is at peace.


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