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Inside Story: Cape Town OAP Discuss His Covid-19 Battle

Devon Sauders, 37, from Plattekloof, popularly known as Devdondidit, Turn Up! Show on Goodhope FM

South Africa, Cape Town – Devon Sauders, 37, from Plattekloof, popularly known as Devdondidit, is known for creating comedic content on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram since 2015 but now hosts the Turn Up! Show on Goodhope FM on Saturdays between 12 pm and 3 pm.

Speaking to African News Agency (ANA), Saunders said he does not know where he contracted Covid-19 from.

“I started getting cold shivers, headaches, and a fever. I experienced this over two days and thought let me go see a doctor,” Saunders said.

“I went to get tested and less than 24 hours later, on Tuesday I got the news I tested positive for Covid-19.”

He said the news did not come as a surprise to him as he knew he was going to contract the virus sometime.

“To me, it was more I have it, I need to isolate. I was more worried about who I had been in contact with,” he said.

While he is no longer feeling congested, Saunders said he is quite irritated by what he is experiencing now.

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“The only thing that is annoying me the most is I do not have a sense of smell or taste. I have a thing for Coke and everything tastes like water. It’s kind of weird not tasting anything,” Saunders said.

When asked about his show this coming week, he said if he is up for it, which he will be, he will be doing the show from the comfort of his home, but, should he not be able to, someone will stand in for him.

Saunders is urging people to take note and realise the virus has not just disappeared overnight.

“There are two types of people. One who would sacrifice and be considerate towards others and sacrifice this festive season and those pushing for parties. The longer we delay the sacrifice the longer we are going to sit with this (virus),” Saunders said.

“If we somehow sacrifice two or three weekends, we will definitely see a drop of positive Covid-19 cases.”

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Saunders said he believes the virus is spread by the younger generation affecting the older generation.

He is determined to spread awareness about the virus and is encouraging people to stay home, sanitise and to wear their masks.

“I am going on all my platforms and I will be talking about my experience with Covid-19, in order to encourage people. During level 1, people have dropped their guard in sanitising and physical distancing and I want people to realise we are not in the clear yet.

“Many people have been very helpful and sending me well wishes which I really appreciate,” Saunders told ANA.

African News Agency (ANA)

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