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Interns At Military Hospital Stop Work Over Non-Payment Of Salary

Military hospital interns down tools, claim they have not been paid since January

South Africa, Cape Town – Medical interns at 2 Military Hospital in Wynberg have stopped working because they have not received salary for work done since January.

According to reports, Two first-year interns have spoken out about their struggles, saying they started working at the hospital in the first week of January, but have not been paid.

Meanwhile, on April 22, our first-year interns took a decision to stop working at the hospital until this issue was resolved.

This decision was met with much hostility and, on Thursday, they were asked to have a meeting with the chief executive and management team of the hospital.

During this meeting, there was no concrete resolution to the matter. Instead, our interns were told to resume work and that it was illegal for doctors to strike.

SANDF spokesperson Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi yesterday said they will respond in due course.

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