Chante Kiewiets Lays Assault Charges After Allegedly Beaten Unconscious By Cops

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Chante Kiewiets has laid assault charges at the Bellville SAPS

South Africa, Cape Town – A Kensington woman, Chante Kiewiets has laid charges against police officers who left her bruised after they allegedly bruised Chante at her home on Monday evening.

Chante Kiewiets, 23, says she had an argument with her mom, who called the cops on her. She invited a male pal to their home and the mom did not want visitors.

“My mother wanted the cops to speak to me, but they came here and dragged me outside,” she says.

“They were three and they started assaulting me because I refused to go out. They kicked me for about 20 minutes until I was unconscious.”

The mom of one says she thought her ordeal was over when they left her lying on the ground.

“They came back again with three more officers and they continued where they left off. They assaulted me until I could no longer feel any pain.”

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Chante says she went to the police station on Monday to lay charges, but the police would not register her case.

“They kept sending me to different people at the police station until I left.”

She eventually managed to open a case at the Bellville SAPS yesterday.

“My head is giving me problems now. When I walk in the sun, it gets painful and I think it’s due to the kicks.

“My mother did not ask them to beat me, and when she tried to stop them, they said they would arrest me.

“I cannot live like this, the police must pay for what they did to me. No one has the right to beat up anyone.”

SAPS’ FC van Wyk said the media enquiry is being processed.

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