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South Africa

DA Says Government To Toughen Fight Against Farm Attacks

DA's Chris Pappas said government

South Africa, Durban – The DA’s Chris Pappas said the government is quick to act against violence against truckers and cash-in-transit vehicle heists yet remain emotionless on matters involving farmers and farmworkers.

“Our farmers, farmworkers, and rural communities must be protected against such heinous crimes.

“The question is – how much longer must they wait for the government to take decisive action?

“Or, does the government want communities to take matters into their own hands?” Pappas said.

Four people were killed in the farm attacks that rocked the KZN Midlands.

The incidents saw an 85-year-old Albert Falls farmer shot dead and a family of three brutally killed near Bishopstowe.

Pappas said these two heinous crimes are just the latest in what has been a terrible and tragic few months within KZN’s farming community.

“The DA in KZN extends its deepest condolences to all families and communities affected by the ongoing violence within our rural areas,” Pappas said.

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He urged both KZN Premier Sihle Zikalala as well as President Cyril Ramaphosa to treat the issue with urgency before communities take matters into their own hands.


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