Durban judge Says Evidence Against Miguel Louw’s Killer Ebrahim Overwhelming

Ebrahim found guilty of murder of Miguel Louw

Ebrahim found guilty of murder of Miguel Louw

South Africa, Durban – A DURBAN judge has described the evidence against convicted killer Mohammed Vahed Ebrahim as really revealing.

In convicting Ebrahim, Durban High Court Judge Jacqueline Henriques said there was a “plethora of evidence” against the accused and when viewed in its totality the case against him is overwhelming.

“This is all the more so as the accused, as is his constitutional right, elected to remain silent in the face of evidence.”

Henriques said in coming to her conclusion she analysed the evidence carefully and considered the probabilities and improbabilities, contradictions, inconsistencies, deliberate falsehoods, and most importantly, the demeanour of all the witnesses.

“Having exercised my mind and carefully analysed the evidence presented, I am of the view that the probabilities are overwhelmingly in favour of the State case.”

Henriques said she had “no hesitation” in coming to her conclusion. Based on the compelling cellphone, medical and forensic evidence, the State had proved its case.

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In concluding her judgment, she extended her gratitude to all concerned for their understanding of the time it had taken, given current commitments, administrative issues and the lockdown directives issued as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ebrahim, 44, was found guilty of the planned and premeditated murder of Miguel Louw, 9, in July 2018.

Sentencing will take place tomorrow.

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