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South Africa

Family Claims Police Failed To Arrest Boys Who Allegedly Gang-Raped Daughter

Khayelitsha family claims police have failed to question and arrest a group of teenage boys who allegedly gang-raped their daughter

South Africa, Cape Town – A Khayelitsha family claims police have failed to question and arrest a group of teenage boys who allegedly gang-raped their daughter.

The 15-year-old girl’s aunt told the Cape Times yesterday that on Saturday her niece was raped a street away from their Mandela Park home, allegedly by boys aged between 16 and 17. They are known to the family.

The teenager had yet to receive trauma counselling, she said.

“The incident happened around 8 pm when I left my niece at home watching TV with her cousins. They say she went outside and told them she would return soon.

’’After a while, they got worried and went to look for her. They met another child who informed them he saw her going to the newly erected shacks.”

When the cousins got to the shack she was last seen entering, it was locked and people who were inside apparently refused to open the door.

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“They told them if they still refused to open, they would go and tell adults. When the door was eventually opened, a group of boys came running out. My niece was in bed but completely covered.

“When the blankets were removed, they found her naked and they tried to wake her up. They say she was unconscious.

’’They repeatedly slapped her and when she regained consciousness she was weak and couldn’t walk. She was piggybacked,” the aunt said.

A neighbour was called and advised the family that the teenager must immediately be taken to the hospital.

“The neighbour called me and when I arrived, she still seemed weak and was vomiting. She was struggling to talk because she was crying.

’’We managed to calm her down, and the last thing she remembered was being offered an Oka pipe by one of the boys. We don’t know if they maybe placed something inside it.

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“When we went to the police station, we were told to visit Khayelitsha Hospital.

“The medical report confirmed she was raped and we gave the police everything. But still, not one of the boys has been arrested.

“To date, my niece has not received counselling. She is scared to go outside and bump into them. She blames herself for what happened.

“On Monday, two boys came to report that they were inside the shack at the time of the incident but never touched her.

“They claimed they wanted to clear their name and were willing to co-operate, so we don’t understand why there is still no one arrested,” the aunt said.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said police were investigating a rape case.

Van Wyk said reports indicated that the 15-year-old was allegedly raped by a group of unknown suspects at about 9 pm.

“A case of rape is being investigated by Khayelitsha FCS and no suspects have been arrested as yet.”

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Meanwhile, Right2Know campaign supporters picketed outside Parliament yesterday against gender-based violence (GBV).

Provincial organiser Nomacebo Mbayo has called on the government to intervene and design programmes that speak to GBV issues and involve communities.

“We have seen the level of GBV during the lockdown. Enough is enough. We should not be scared in our own homes.

“We call on the government to prioritise reported cases of GBV,” said Mbayo.

Cape Times

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