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Family Of Tafelsig Girl Crushed By Truck Plea For Donations To Help Bury Child

Vanita Louw from Tafelsig had to pay with her life for hanging onto a moving truck with a friend

South Africa, Cape Town – Vanita Louw from Tafelsig had to pay with her life for hanging onto a moving truck with a friend. Unfortunately, her body still lies in a mortuary a week later because her family is unable to pay for her funeral.

According to a witness, the truck came to a halt at a stop street and the two girls fell off around 4 pm last week Wednesday. Unaware of their presence, the truck crushed them both on the driver reversing.

The 12-year-old Vanita died on the scene but her friend, Nikita Jacobs, 13, was lucky to survive but sustained serious injuries.

Vanita’s mother, Juanita Duikers, has appealed to the public to help pay for her funeral.

“We are not in a financial position to pay for Vanita’s mortuary or funeral costs. We just want to give her a dignified burial,” said Duikers.

Vanita is one of the pupils from the Isibindi project that the Mustadafin Foundation, a non-profit organisation, has taken under its wing due to her dire situation at home.

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Donations for the funeral are being managed via the Mustadafin Foundation.

The current fee for the mortuary and funeral cost is in excess of R7 000, but the longer the delay in being forced to keep her at the mortuary, the higher the fees get.

To get involved, please contact the Mustadafin Foundation on (021) 633 0010 or WhatsApp 079 567 3645.

NPO Mosadie Gives Back, a volunteer feeding scheme for children and families living in Tafelsig, posted on Facebook last week: ’’With heavy hearts and swollen eyes we say goodbye to Vanita Sanita Louw who passed away yesterday (2008 – 2020) in a tragic accident.

’’A beautiful soul and part of the MGB family that was taken away too soon. Our condolences to the family and to the families in the Freedom Park community that are mourning the loss of Vanita.’’


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