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South Africa

Lufuno Mavhunga’s Alleged Attacker Denied Bail Bid

Limpopo learner from Mbilwi Secondary School Lufuno Mavhunga who committed suicide after an alleged bullying

South Africa, Limpopo: Lufuno Mavhunga was buried in Limpopo on Saturday. At an emotional memorial service on Friday.

Lufuno‘s brother Kenneth recounted the six-hour trip he undertook from Pretoria to Limpopo when the teenager took her life after videos showing how she was bullied and assaulted were widely circulated online.

One of the viral videos shows Lufuno having a heated conversation with another learner before they are interrupted by a third who slaps her several times.

Lufuno does not fight back but instead tries to reason with her attacker. In the background, other students can be heard cheering on the perpetrator.

A second video of the same incident shows the two girls being separated by a male learner. Lufuno’s attacker lands a few more slaps and pulls her hair before they are separated.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) yesterday said the 14-year-old Mbilwi Secondary School learner arrested for allegedly assaulting fellow learner Lufuno Mavhunga did not apply for bail as expected.

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Meanwhile, The case has been rolled over to April 22. The docket should be referred to the office of the director of public prosecutions in order to receive the certificate.

She said that in the meantime, the learner would be kept at a correctional youth centre until her next appearance.


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