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South Africa

Manenberg Residents Protest Against Gang Violence In The Community

Manenberg residents ‘willing to work with gangs’ to restore peace

South Africa, Cape Town – Manenberg residents have been staging anti-gang violence protests for the past six days, in a desperate move to see an end to the ongoing gang violence in the community.

The community and a youth movement organisation say they are fed up with the rampant gang violence and have decided to protest non-stop until their call takes root in the community.

Community activist Bronwyn February said the decision came about on Friday afternoon when residents received a message from an unknown person urging them to mobilise and stand up against violence.

The 21-year-old said the protests were not an attempt to chase away gang members from the community but rather to assist them in ending their rivalries, wars, and violence that are tearing the community apart.

“Our children live in fear, we are not comfortable moving freely in our homes with gunshots in the background. We can’t continue to live like this, and the violence has escalated.

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“We understand there are numerous root causes to the violence but we can no longer sit by. We are more than willing to work with these gangs to restore peace in our community.

“We understand that gangsterism is but a symptom of poverty and ultimately our goal is to tackle these root causes and uplift our community,” said February.

Manenberg councillor Aslam Cassiem said: “We also need an elite team of officers that know the Cape Flats, area dynamics, and cultural nuances.”

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