Motsoaledi: More Law Enforcement Officials At The Beitbridge Border Post

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to manage congestion at the Beitbridge boarder post

South Africa, JOHANNESBURG – Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Thursday said while the department put systems in place to manage congestion at the Beitbridge boarder post, they never anticipated truck drivers to protest against strict COVID-19 regulations.

Concerns have been raised over long queues at the Beitbridge Border, which has been exacerbated by truck drivers that have abandoned their holding areas.

The border into Zimbabwe has seen travelers camping out for days making it difficult for officials to enforce regulations.

Due to the pandemic, travelers have to produce a negative test COVID-19 test not older than 72 hours before being allowed.

Motsoaledi said more law enforcement officials were roped to assist at the border post.

“We’ve sent more staff, the police and even the army to try and push them into a holding area so they can park there.”

There are now fears the situation could spill over into a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

Motsoaledi said they were looking into amending the restrictions for truck drivers.

“The truck drivers must do the test early in their companies and once a month and it will be recognised, which will make the situation much better.”



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