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South Africa

N2 & N3 Highways Identified As Crime Hotspots In Durban

N2 and N3 at certain spots in Durban have been identified at crime hotspots

South Africa, Durban – According to Blue Security media liaison, Andreas Mathios, as lockdown measures have relaxed and road travel increases, motorists must be extra vigilant more especially as the festive season approaches.

“Scenarios are being created causing damage to vehicles and forcing them to come to a stop on busy highways, where potential criminals are lying in wait to strike. More and more incidents are occurring which have been caused by the placing of rocks on key routes and the criminals who do this are wanting to disable vehicles so they can attack and rob the occupants,” he said.

Mathios said although the locations can change at any given time when the Blue Security Durban community support team patrolled major routes on Thursday morning to pinpoint hotspots in an around the greater Durban area, they found that the N2 north and southbound highways as well as the N3 eastbound just after the Pavilion offramp, to be hotspots.

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Last month, a woman was stabbed and robbed when her vehicle broke down on the N2, northbound highway at Spaghetti junction.

PT Alarms spokesperson, Trishen Govender, said their response teams rushed to the highway near the EB Cloete Interchange.

He said the woman was with her daughter at the time.

A man walking past approached the vehicle and tried breaking the glass. The woman and her daughter jumped out of the vehicle while the suspect chased her. The suspect stabbed her on her left hand and stole her handbag,” he said.

Govender further warned motorists to be vigilant in the area.

Meanwhile, Mathios advised motorists to do the following if they found themselves stuck in a similar predicament:

  • If your vehicle develops a puncture try to keep driving on your flat wheel to a safe location and as far as you can from point of impact
  • Notify 10111 immediately and give a description of your car, including your number plate and location
  • Remain in your (locked) vehicle until help arrives
  • Avoid unnecessary usage of your mobile phone, which you will need for emergency communication
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