Police Hunt Suspects In Strandfontein Chad du Plessis Murder

Chad du Plessis was stabbed to death during a fight with a group of men

SOUTH AFRICA, CAPE TOWN – Strandfontein Community Policing Forum said Chad du Plessis was stabbed to death during a fight with a group of men who’re believed to be from the same community.

The 23-year-old’s brother was also stabbed during the scuffle. It is unclear what led to the attack.

The Strandfontein CPF’s Sandy Schuter said she arrived at the scene shortly after the incident occurred after midnight.

“I was on patrol with the Neighbourhood Watch when we rushed to the scene. At the time of our arrival, the victim was still alive. Our volunteer patrollers who are also first aid responders, did their best to preserve the life of the victim up until EMS arrived. Once EMS arrived, they continued but he, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries.”

Schuter was in shock as she knew the deceased. She described him as having been a motivated young man.

She appealed to the Strandfontein community to help police with any information which could lead to an arrest.

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“All information at the moment is extremely vital to lead the police to make a successful arrest of the senseless murder of an innocent young man – a young man who had goals in life; a young man who just got his degree; a young man who had just built a house. He had a vision for his future and this what it has ended up (SIC) at the hands of criminals.”


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