SA Warned On Heavy Rains, Winds As Storm Eloise Hits MOZ

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Tropical storm Eloise is set to impact South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA, JOHANNESBURG – Tropical storm Eloise is set to hit South Africa, with the weather service warning that there is a possibility of heavy downpours and damaging winds in parts of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal.

Eloise is expected to make landfall in Mozambique, with a high possibility of the storm strengthening into a tropical cyclone.

This will result in torrential rain and destructive winds along the Mozambican coastline and the adjacent interior.

Professor of climatology at the Global Change Institute, Francois Engelbrecht, on Thursday said that this could result in widespread flooding in parts of South Africa.

“By Friday, the current predictions is that it will reach tropical cyclone status and that is, of course, the most intense type of tropical storm we get; and the most likely trajectory of the storm right now is that it will be following a southwesterly track over the Mozambique channel.”


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