Shepherd Bushiri To Be Arrest For 3 Sexual Assault Charges

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Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri has continuously been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately and so it continues.

The prophet has been issued three warrants of arrest for rape, according to eNCA. Two young women have come forward and shared their horrifying stories about the self-proclaimed prophet.

The two women had been raped and sexually violated, allegedly by Bushiri.

The leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church is being investigated by the police for sexual assault, to add on to his alleged fraud and money laundering charges.

One of the ladies was a former member of the congregation who said that all she wanted was to be saved. She claimed that Bushiri would stare at her during church services, even going as far as standing next to her while he preached. He then invited her to a hotel room to pray.

She said in the television interview:

“I always knew that something was wrong. I said no I can’t do this, you are married. He touched my forehead and I fell. Then he took off my clothes and he raped me.” He then gave her R5 000 and told her to leave.

Another young woman shared a similar story as she was also lured into a hotel by Bushiri.

“After the service he texted my phone and we started talking. He said that we should make time to meet up for coffee and study the Bible. He asked me to take my clothes off. That’s when he came up to me and everything happened,” the second lady said.

He also told her to take R5 000 from the drawer so that she could book another room. Although both women admitted that they took the money, this does not make what Bushiri did to them right. They have both opened cases with the police.

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