Strandfontein Residents Still In Shock Of Chad du Plessis Murder

Chad du Plessis was Murdered by five men just after midnight

The death of a well-known rapper from the Strandfontein area was stabbed to death in his brother’s driveway on Saturday night.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says Chad du Plessis was murdered by five men just after midnight.

“According to reports, at about 12.50 am, Chad du Plessis was stabbed in his upper body in Dennegeur Avenue, Strandfontein,” Van Wyk says.

“The deceased was about to pull into his driveway when he was approached by five unknown men.

“An argument ensued where the deceased was fatally stabbed.”

Chad du Plessis, CDP, was a member of Beeza CPT, a band of three brothers who had just released a mixtape, titled Definition of a Rockstar.

Chad du Plessis also recently bought a house in Strand.

His parents were too shocked by the sudden death to speak to the Daily Voice on Sunday.

Strandfontein CPF chairperson Sandy Schuter was on the scene shortly after the murder.

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“I was patrolling with the Neighbourhood Watch when we were alerted to the incident,” she says.

“When we arrived, the victim was still alive. Our volunteer patrollers, who are also first aid responders, did their best to preserve the life of the victim up until EMS arrived.

“Once EMS arrived, they continued but he, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries.”

Friends on Facebook paid tribute to the rapper and shared messages of support for the family.

Catherine Ronel du Plessis wrote: “Wow this is super sad news, may God be with his family in this time of bereavement and it’s almost like it’s nothing for some people to just take another person’s life, wow sad. (sic)”

Sandy said Chad’s parents were active patrollers before they moved out of the area recently.

“It is very close to home for us because we knew the family. The victim’s father was one of my patrollers in Strandfontein,” she says.

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She appealed to residents to assist the police in solving the case.

Captain Van Wyk adds: “All information at the moment is extremely vital to lead the police to make a successful arrest of the senseless murder of an innocent young man.

“Strandfontein police are investigating the murder case. No arrests as yet the investigation is ongoing.”

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