Tshwane Residents To Expect Heavy Thunderstorms Next Few Days

Tshwane residents warned of heavy thunderstorms, hail, floods over next few days

Tshwane residents warned of heavy thunderstorms, hail, floods over next few days

South Africa, Pretoria – The Tshwane Emergency Services remains on high alert after a warning from meteorologists of the possibility of heavy thunderstorms over the next few days.

Spokesperson Charles Mabaso said: “Emergency Services Department remains on high alert to respond to life-threatening emergencies, and to co-ordinate interventions aimed at dealing with the possible impact of the storms.“

The assurance followed a warning by the SA Weather Service of a high possibility that parts of the city could experience heavy rains until after the weekend.

The “weatherman” said scattered showers and thundershowers should be expected until at least Sunday.

The storms could, by Wednesday, bring hail, localised flooding, and strong winds.

Parts of Tshwane have experienced the impact of recent storms with flooding of roads and low-lying bridges and damage to formal and informal settlements.

The risk of trees being uprooted by the wind and the fact that the ground is already wet in most places remains. This might result in damage to infrastructure and properties, as well as the danger to people due to flying debris, according to the emergency services.

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It said disaster risk management teams were working with relevant City departments to coordinate the implementation of the flood incident management plan.

A pre-rainy season cleaning plan for the Centurion Lake and the Hennops River and operational stormwater and bridge maintenance plan in various parts of Tshwane by the Roads and Transport Department were underway.

“We urge motorists to avoid driving on flooded low-water bridges as they risk their lives and damage to their vehicles.

“We call on residents to remain vigilant and consider their safety as a priority during this rainy season,” Mabaso said.

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