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Tshwane Tumbles With Another S3x Scandal After Employee Lays Complaint

Tshwane, an employee has laid a complaint of sexual harassment in the workplace against her boss

South Africa, Pretoria – In yet another s3x scandal to rock the City of Tshwane, an employee has laid a complaint of s3xual harassment in the workplace against her boss.

In correspondence seen by the Pretoria News, the victim said she had been subjected to an act by the accused that reduced her dignity and what she stood for as a married woman, mother and colleague to her peers. She described the act as unwanted and offensive.

She said in her complaint to the City: “The first instance was during a marathon last year where in his words he said ‘hey beautiful, look how sexy you are’. I responded by saying please stop it, you are my boss, that is how I view you and nothing else.”

The woman claimed it did not stop there.

“On March 12, 2020, he again repeated his ways and said ‘hey sexy, what are you eating’?”

In my response to this hostile question, I indicated that I am eating my food.”

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She also said that one of the colleagues present laughed at the situation which led her to feeling that her dignity had been lowered and character subjected to unbecoming behaviour “by the only person I would have to look up to for guidance and assistance in relation to ethical values within the department, where he did not show them”.

She said she could no longer take the torture at her place of work, where she was supposed to spend the most time of her days.

“I feel this has to stop because to me it represents all or some of the conduct of sexual harassment.”

She said she was scared to go to the office as she was not sure whether or not she would be subjected to another act such as those she had experienced.

“Moreover, I don’t know what is going to happen if we are only two in the office. I feel I am not safe to be in the same room with a person who doesn’t respect me as a married woman.”

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She said she had been traumatised by the issue.

“I don’t know how to behave, either at home or at work … it’s time I break my silence because what would happen the third time?

“I am a woman and I don’t feel safe with the man who is supposed to be my boss and the head of the department.”

Acting City manager Mmaseabata Mutlaneng responded to the accusations in correspondence indicating that the matter would be probed within the legal prescripts and feedback provided afterwards.

This is not the first sexual harassment incident to rock the metro.

Last month DA provincial leader Solly Msimanga was accused of sexual harassment.

The alleged incident took place when they were both working for the metro. Msimanga was then mayor.

His successor Stevens Mokgalapa also made headlines last year when a raunchy tape emerged of him and then MMC for roads and transport Sheila Senkubuge engaging in sexual acts at work.

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While Msimanga was seemingly absolved of the accusations, Mokgalapa eventually vacated his top office in the wake of the incident.

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