WATCH: EFF Member Hits Viral Trend Talking Systemic Oppression, Racism

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Jack Markovitz, the grandson of former DA MEC and fund-raiser in the Western Cape Leon Markowitz,

South Africa, Cape Town – Jack Markovitz, the grandson of former DA MEC and fund-raiser in the Western Cape Leon Markowitz, has gone viral for his remarks in Brackenfell, where the EFF held their protest on Friday.

Jack Markovitz was born and raised in Cape Town, and is a politics and philosophy student at UCT.

Markovitz, 21, has been a member of the EFF since he was 18 years old.

The EFF member went viral on Friday, for his impassioned beliefs, and drew attention and criticism from social media.

Near Brackenfell High School, he said that the situation in Brackenfell was the same as every white neighbourhood in South Africa: racism was instilled in people.

“The racism is instilled in the bones of these people, the only difference here is that it is more open and violent. I went to a mostly private school with mostly white kids, and this happened all over.

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“I think they yearn for apartheid, I think they use neighbourhood WhatsApp groups and PPA, and private security to uphold apartheid in their neighbourhoods. This exists in every single white neighbourhood in this country, (and) the only difference is that in Brackenfell it is more potent and violent.

“I think they (EFF) need to be doing more, I think we need to be taking these protests to Clifton and Houghton Park where the R20 million houses are. These poor whites are angry and violent, and they are bored with their lives.

“We need to take it where the rich people have money, and they are still making money off that land which is all generational wealth, passed down from their parents.”

Addressing his political legacy from his grandfather, he said: “I believe the DA is a white supremacist party, and I’m trying to rectify the situation here today. We need to transfer the generational wealth and land to the disenfranchised people of this country.”

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