WMACA Perplexed On Delays In Abuse Case Filed Against Bryanston High Coach

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Child abuse WMACA Women and Men Against Child Abuse Bryanston High School coach accused of sexual abuse

South Africa, JOHANNESBURG – Non-profit child protection organisation, Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA), on Monday once again raised concerns about the delays in the criminal case against a former Bryanston High School coach accused of sexual abuse.

“WMACA has been very vocal about this case and how it exposed the perpetrator-centric nature of the justice system. The accused’s defence team has been allowed to submit unending representations alleging there is no criminal case against him that can be presented to the court. These representations were unsuccessful, and the accused will have to stand trial,” WMACA said in a statement.

“It has been hugely disappointing for WMACA over the last 22 months that these representations have been uncontested by the State prosecutor on behalf of the victim. The same prosecution team has not communicated with the victim’s family. We continuously advocate for a victim-friendly system which should prioritise the rights of the violated and not the violator.”

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Three girls came forward resulting in an internal disciplinary hearing which got him fired.

Only one of his alleged victims opened a criminal case against him, which is now being dragged on for months.

WMACA said more delays had a severe impact on the children.

“We would like to see the trial begin without any further unreasonable delays. It has taken 22 months of uncertainty and frustration for the only victim who has pursued the criminal case against the accused. If State representatives, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), are to restore trust for victims to lean on their services when exposed to violence, this is the case to do so,” the organisation said.


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