Women Police Officers Using Work Time To Create Gender-Based Violence Awareness

Women police officers today led various operations creating gender-based violence awareness

South Africa, Pretoria – Women police officers today led various operations creating gender-based violence awareness and also arrested over 200 people for various crimes in the west of Tshwane.

Police spokesperson colonel Athleda Mathe said women from different spheres of policing decided to come together to demonstrate their commitment to fighting the scourge of gender-based violence.

Deputy National Commissioner for Asset and Legal Services lieutenant general Franscinah Vuma led the operations which sought to mobilise society in playing an active role in assisting the work of law enforcement in detecting, preventing and fighting gender-based violence within communities.

This gave the police an opportunity to also pledge their commitment in treating victims of violence with dignity and prioritising gender-based violence cases to ensure those affected did not experience secondary victimisation at the place where they are supposed to receive assistance.

Vuma said: “As women in law enforcement, we are recommitting ourselves to the creation of a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa.

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“We do so in recognition of the important responsibility bestowed upon us to represent our organisations in a positive and supportive manner at all times.

“We, therefore, pledge to discharge all duties to the best of our skills and knowledge, selflessly, honestly, impartially according to law.

“We pledge to treat all victims with respect, dignity and assist all gender-based violence victims in a sensitive manner.

“To always uphold the Constitution and the law and to exercise the powers conferred upon us in a well-controlled manner; to ensure that, whether we are on or off duty, we will not look away, be silent or act as bystanders.”

They said they want to assist victims in a Victim Friendly Room or an alternative room where a statement will be taken in private or in another location providing victim support services.

This included referring victims for a medical examination by a healthcare professional to obtain medical evidence and complete a medical report including seeing to the health of the victim. Also to ensure that psychosocial support and feedback is provided on the progress of the case on a continuous basis.

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The operations carried out included roadblocks and compliance inspections at three police stations in the vicinity of the west of Tshwane from 5am as it ran concurrently with the Okae Molao operation that was intensified to combat crime this festive season.

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