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South Africa

Zane Killian Intends To Plead Not Guilty To All Charges Against Him

Zane Killian confident State can’t pin Charl Kinnear murder on him

South Africa, Cape Town- In his bail application, murder accused Zane Killian stated that he intends to plead not guilty to all charges against him.

“I intend to plead not guilty to all charges against me. The only alleged fact that links me to the murder is the allegation that I pinged the cellphone of the deceased in order to locate him. I do have the tools to ping a cellphone. It is done from my cellphone via a platform with the aid of a code. I use this method to trace and repossess motor vehicles for which instalments are in arrears,” read his bail application.

He appeared on Friday at the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and unlawful interception of communication, in connection with the assassination of top cop Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear, who was shot outside his home in Bishop Lavis in September, in an alleged hit.

Killian said the software and the code had been obtained from a “Mr Goldblatt”. He alleged that he loaded the software onto his phone and provided him with a code.

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“It later came to my knowledge that neither the platform nor the code was exclusive to me. I bought pings from the supplier and then some of them would disappear from my account. On my complaint, they were replaced free of charge. It is my respectful submission that other individuals were using the same platform and code, therefore the record of this code cannot link me to the crime,” read the application.

Killian claimed in his bail application that he did not know Kinnear as he lives in Gauteng and he lived in the Western Cape.

He also stated that his release on bail would not endanger the safety of the public or any particular person.

“I am not in fear of my life or safety should I be released on bail. I do not know anybody involved in the matter, therefore they have no reason to do me any harm. I run a much higher risk of getting hurt in prison due to my trial by media,” read the application.

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Reports indicated that the defence would seek to prove that Killian was at the pharmacy at the time time of Kinnear’s death.

Nicolette Kinnear, Charl’s wife, was at the appearance and sat at the back of the court. She quickly left after the matter was postponed to December 1 for the smooth running of the bail application and for the State to argue bail application handed to them.

The State will argue the bail application on December 1.

However, Killian will also make an appearance at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on December 30 for his link in the William Booth matter where he is also said to have pinged his phone. He will appear alongside four other accused.

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