Zondo Commission: Suzanne Said Koko Was Essa’s ‘Pet’

Suzanne Daniels, Matshela Koko’s denial Gupta associate Salim Essa’

Suzanne Daniels, Matshela Koko’s denial Gupta associate Salim Essa’

SOUTH AFRICA, JOHANNESBURG – Former head of legal and compliance at Eskom, Suzanne Daniels, on Monday said she was stunned by the former head of generation Matshela Koko’s denial that he knew of Gupta associate Salim Essa’s suspension letters that Koko said Daniels must have written.

Daniels was back at the commission where she said it was common knowledge that Koko was Essa’s ‘pet’ and talked to him regularly.

She said she was surprised that the commission did not question Koko and treated her more harshly than it did her.

Daniels said her daughter was now overseas because of the threats that she received.

“Mr Koko has sought in this commission to insinuate that it was I, rather than him, who was the link between Mr Essa’s designs and various nefarious decisions at Eskom,” she said. “However smoothly he talked., anyone who knows or has dealt with Mr Koko knows this to be untrue.”

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