US election: Donald Trump Has Threatened Not To Exit The White House

US election: Donald Trump Has Threatened Not To Exit The White House

Donald Trump reportedly is threatening not to vacate the White House on inauguration day. According to CNN, Trump made the threat when speaking with some advisers.

The report stated that few aides of the president are alarmed over his comments.

However, a handful of people in the president circle doubt he will actually follow through on his threat.

An adviser said: “He’s going to leave. He’s just lashing out.”

Business Insider reported that the White House declined to comment on the CNN report after it was contacted. Trump has continued to be in denial about his election loss.

He has alleged that Biden stole the election through widespread voter fraud. The president has, however, failed to provide evidence to back his claims.

Meanwhile, we recently reported that United States President-elect Joe Biden‘s persistent cough while giving a speech shortly after the Electoral College victory has raised concerns among people across the world.

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According to the The Independent, the 78-year-old’s speech was marred by persistent bouts of coughing and throat-clearing, as he attacked incumbent Donald Trump over his efforts to undermine his win. “More than 81 million of the votes in the election were cast for me and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

That too is a record, more than any ticket has received in US history. It represented a winning margin of more than seven million votes over the number of votes cast for my opponent (Trump),” said Biden.

During his speech, the Democrat, who is set to become the oldest US president in history, was forced to clear his throat several times, worrying citizens.

“Jeez! Somebody hand him a glass of water!” American filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted.

“Watching Biden’s speech from tonight. He looks absolutely terrible. He looks tired and sick, he’s repeatedly coughing and having to clear his throat.

He was also condescending, arrogant and divisive toward Conservatives,” journalist Ryan Saavedra noted.

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