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Interview: Up Close and Alone Podcast With Lindokuhle Modi

Interview: Up Close and Alone Podcast With Lindokuhle Modi

Interview: Up Close and Alone Podcast With Lindokuhle Modi

The Up Close and Alone Podcast is a free audio podcast hosted by South African teen star, Lindokuhle Modi. It is one of South Africa’s rising podcasts, regularly receiving lots of views per episode, and includes a wide array of topics from Education about teen concerns to venting on experiences of the teenage life.

We met and had a brief conversation with Mr Modi below:

Here are the questions we asked Mr Modi;

  • Tell us about yourself?

I’m Lindokuhle Modi and to be honest, I’m a person with ambition and one who’s passionate about my work. When I see an opportunity, I grab it.

  • What made you begin podcasting?

I drew inspiration from the very best podcast personalities

  • What is your podcast about?

Good question, my podcast is to educate people about teenage concerns. This is an opportunity for me to vent out the things, teenagers like me experience and are afraid to speak about

  • What audience is your podcast for and how will it affect your audience?
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Basically everyone, and wherever you are and whatever your condition of living is

  • What are your goals towards your podcast (at least 5 goals to achieve that will be a effect for your audience in what your podcast is about)

Always speak about the challenges you facing and never giving up on your dreams, we are here because I stood my ground and never gave up on mine. Stand your ground!

  • In your field, which other podcasters would you like to recommend?

I would recommend Mac G, who brings nothing but excitement to me whenever I start listen. As well as Thando Thabethe, who’s voice grew in me since her times on 5fm.

  • What do you like doing (hobbies) apart of podcasting?

I actually sleep often, and always on the internet. Hobbies come and go from time to time.

  • In general, Why do you think everyone or anyone should have the need to listen to podcasters, most especially YOU??
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Podcasters bring nothing but the best to topics, most especially when touching on sensitive topics. When you listen, you can’t go back.. It’s like radio.

  • How do people reach out to you on social media and online through your podcast??

People can reach out to my personal socials on Instagram @thelindokuhle_m and Facebook: Lindokuhle Modi. Also @upcloseandalonepodcast on Instagram, the link to episode is available on my bio

  • What is the best advice you would give to your audience, and podcasters in whatever niche they decide to go into?

I would say put your everything in something, you wanna do and never give up, your goals might be 2 minutes away. Whether you have to sacrifice few things, so that in the end you’ll be satisfied about it.

Thank you!!!

Okay, that’s basically all from Podcaster Modi on Kedsta Media, please make sure you keep up with him on all platforms to receive the best contents that seek to better your concept about leaving a better teenage life.

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