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Man Shares Touching Success Story How He Lost Weight

young man called Nathan Ranklin has slimmed down

A 30-year-old man, Nathan Ranklin, has succeeded at keeping fit and he shed about 19 stones after he got tired of being called a “fat friend”.

Daily Mail reports that doctors once told him when he was a teenager of 14 years old that if he did not watch his body weight, he may not live up to 30 years.

Nathan once did not go out with a credit card during a holiday trip because he was afraid he may be charged for an extra seat.

The man lamented that with his big body mass, he could not engage in most of the activities he would have loved to join with friends.

Going out in public transport also always scares him that he would take an extra seat. He once spoilt the seat of his car due to his weight.

He said:

“I also was a really heavy drinker, especially after I lost my dad to cancer in 2014, my drinking began to spiral out of control. “I went out at least four times a week and I would polish off two bottles of vodka before leaving the house, and throughout the week I would have a few glasses of spiced rum and Coke.

” With the help of a weight consultant who placed him on a 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, he started on the journey that would restructure his whole physique.

Nathan said with his new body, he is happy about everything and can do what he could only of doing before in his former body.

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