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Model Aden Ajam Accuses Fashion Retailer The Fix For Identity Theft

Model Aden Ajam Accuses Fashion Retailer The Fix For Identity Theft

SOUTH AFRICA, CAPE TOWN – A Cape Town model and content producer Aden Ajam blew up Instagram on Monday evening when he reached out to his almost 11,000 online followers and made the allegations against The Fix, a popular clothing retailer that tries to keep the youth up to date with the latest trends.

In a video viewed by just over 9,500 Instagram users, Ajam captioned it: “Stop stealing from us creatives @thefixza. Please share and spam their comments to spread awareness.”

He started the video by saying: “This one goes out to The Fix for blatantly using my face on their T-shirt, having it hosted at whatever museum about their new range…”

Ajam claims the retailer stole his photo from a campaign and is using his face without his permission.

“I am not getting a cent from it,” he wrote.

He has urged all his followers to share and “expose” the retailer because “it is not right what they are doing”.

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Responding to questions posed by African News Agency (ANA), Kathryn Sakalis, head of business for the TFG marketing and e-commerce division, said its retailer will be discussing the matter with Ajam.

“We would like to assure you that The Fix is in contact with Mr Ajam and did revert to him on Instagram.

“They will be initiating further discussions with him asap.”

The video shows an advert by The Fix with a white T-shirt with a guy wearing a bucket hat, a mask, sunglasses and a chain. The picture on the T-shirt is in black and white.

Ajam has further provided the original photograph taken of him, which looks identical to the one on the T-shirt, except for the mask.

He has also added the initial post from the retailer, who launched their new batch of T-shirts under their hashtag #DoTheRightThing.

With more than 100 reactions to his post, many have stood up in support of Ajam, claiming big corporates like stealing from “the little guy”.

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@iamprincekambayi said: “Bro the industry been exploiting sorry to hear this- @thefixza da boi needs his bag dafaq !?!!” (sic).

@haneen.eld felt Ajam should “sue them“.

ANA looked into the post from The Fix. It shows five T-shirts of different styles in the photo, captioned: “Taking inspo from our new normal, we created our Covid mask graphic tees as a reminder to mask up & protect each other ‘cos #dowhatsright is what we’re about.”

It was also found that Ajam had commented on the post, stating: “Thieves. Don’t support them. They have no rights to these images. Stop stealing from us creatives.”

To which the retailer responded: “Woah! Thanks for alerting us. We take this super seriously & will investigate with urgency. Please give us a chance to respond once we have all the facts.”

African News Agency

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