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SA Woman Who Offered Stranger Lift In The Rain, Blessed With A New Car

young lady recently took to Facebook to share a heartwarming post

SA woman recently took to Facebook to share how helping people ended being a big blessing for her.

Taking to Facebook’s ImStaying, Ngonidzashe Chikwape Mudzamiri explained how she had made the decision to offer two elderly people a ride, one of whom was an old lady.

“I decided to stop. Put on my hazards, made a huge U-turn, it was pouring like nobody’s business, cars were hooting, fast forward… Went outside took the lady’s bag… Threw it in my car and I asked them to get into the car. The woman was like ‘Haiii we are wet and muddy, we are going to make your car dirty’, I said to them no worries.”

Ngonidzashe then goes on to explain how the touched gogo was so taken aback by her kind-heartedness that she promised to pray that she may get a car as big as her heart. Which she soon did, much to her amazement.

“The lady cried and as she was disembarking from my car she said to me, ‘My child, your car is too small for the big heart you have, I will pray for you to get a big car so that you can help many people.’

“There was such a great joy in my heart that I had helped them without expecting anything in return, then we parted ways. Six months down the line I bought a big nice car… at a very ridiculous price,”

she wrote. Stayers were left moved by the post, many of them sharing their thoughts in the comment section.

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Bella Kgengwe: “God bless you. Thank you for sharing your story.”

Nthang Let said: “God bless you greatly.”


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