Viral Video: Beautiful Lady Publicly Proposes To Man

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Viral Video: Beautiful Lady Publicly Proposes To Man

A beautiful young lady has defied all odds to propose marriage to her boyfriend in a video that is fast beginning to go viral on social media

In the footage on the official Instagram handle of Celebritiesbuzzgh, everyone was taken by surprise when the pretty lady went down on one knee.

However, the man in question was even more amazed and overwhelmed as he bent down impulsively to give the lady a loving hug even before receiving the ring.

The norm for proposals has always been for men to be the ones buying the ring and going on their knee to express their interest in the lady they like.

In recent times, however, this is beginning to change as ladies are boldly going out of their ways to express love and interest in the men they like.

As great as the gesture is and how loved-up the couples usually get when the ladies propose, it does not always end in joy. But fingers crossed!!!

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