Watch: 3 Dangerous Cobras Taken Out From Pinetown Home

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three Mozambican Spitting Cobras from a retaining wall in a Pinetown home

South Africa, Durban – Durban snake catcher Nick Evans had his hands full when he had to remove not one, but three Mozambican Spitting Cobras from a retaining wall in a Pinetown home.

He was called out to the Moseley Park home by a resident who was seated on her patio, when one of the cobras crept up from the retaining wall.

“It was pretty difficult to get them out of there. Thankfully, I had my friend Duncan Slabbert helping me. We had to remove some retaining wall blocks and reach in for them through the small gap.”

Evans said Mozambique Spitting Cobras had cytotoxic venom which was potentially fatal.

He said it caused swelling, pain, and tissue damage.

“If urgent medical help is obtained, one should survive.”

Evans added the cobras were able to spray or spit their venom at lengths of 2 to 3 metres.

“Venom in the eyes is very painful. It can cause permanent damage if not rinsed out.

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He said the cobras were all more than a metre long. Evans said they were released in a safe area away from humans.

He said Mozambique Spitting Cobras were common around the Durban area “usually wherever there are reserves, valleys and large patches of a bush”.


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