WATCH: Mom At Event With Baby ‘Strapped’ To Her Back While Drinking

Video of mom drinking at event with toddler 'strapped' to her back goes viral

South Africa, Durban – President Cyril Ramaphosa has been called on by tweeps on social media to send the country to level 9 after a mother was caught at an event with her toddler on her back, while she partied and consumed alcohol.

The clip of the mum with her baby, tied to her back with a blanket, has since gone viral on social media. In the 30-second clip, she is seen in the crowd and later, as the videographer pans out, the woman is seen consuming alcohol.

The video has left lots of social media users concerned and asking why the woman has not been reported to the police.

@sirboring_26 wrote: “Cyril must take us to level 9. Where even the smell of braai is prohibited and colour globes and smoke machines must be handed in at police stations!”

@TitusZahn said: “Just for alchohol. Yhoooo hayi shame, my heart bleeds for the little one hle … ohh bethuna.”

@wiseyNhlaka said: “Should’ve called SAPS on her. This is definitely not legal.”


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