WATCH: Mzansi Viral Covid-19 Awareness Campaign That Got Ribs Cracking

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Mzansi Viral Covid-19 Awareness Campaign That Got Ribs Cracking

East London – A crazy funny clip raising awareness about Covid-19 that was circulating on social media left Mzansi in rib-cracking cases.

In the video, a white van is driving through the streets of East London with a loud microphone sending a message in IsiXhosa.

The man is calling out to people in town who are not wearing their masks:

“Ngicela ujike ngeCovid yakho,” he says.

The saying means, please turn around with your Covid.

The man is lecturing the people in the streets who are not adhering properly to the health regulations surrounding the virus. He continues to ask people where they are going if they are not wearing masks.

Mzansi social media users were howling at the video and had a lot to say about the man who was reprimanding people:

@pabi_entle said: “In my next life I wanna be Xhosa.”

@odwa_goduka said: “You gotta love Eastern Cape rhaa!”

@Candice_Chirwa said: “We need this all over South Africa.”

@BenitaSays commented: “What a champ! He’s the hero we need right now. Man, I hope this makes the news!”

@kgotsomaphike commented: “Akere people want to behave like kids. Treat them like kids ke.”

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